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Read these testimonials and this case study below on Sooyong’s services.

Natural Waterfall
“I love getting a treatment from Sooyong! Whether I’m feeling like talking or not, she listens to my whole being and tends to whatever is ‘up’ for me. I've experienced deep releases of aches and pains, old trauma and thought patterns that were carefully supported by Sooyong’s gentle, skilled, and intuitive touch. Her unique blend of techniques and insightful comments always leave me feeling better in my body, quieter in my mind, and calmer in my heart. Thank you, Sooyong!”

Shira O.

Silver Spring, MD 

Case Study  

Volunteer was a 24-year-old male diagnosed with being on the autism spectrum. He had five craniosacral therapy/shiatsu sessions with me over a period of seven weeks, then one session six months later. I asked him to write comments (within quotation marks) after each session. 

Session 1: September 8 

“I felt pain and joy in my back. I felt alone and cold, healthy yes with a strong will to help those who love me, like my mother. I enjoyed it, body tensions/pains gone.”
The frontal lift (one of the techniques used in CST) gave him tremendous relief. 

Session 2: September 22 

“I enjoyed the experience. I felt sensation through my body, got pain out and feel new. As before, my mind is clear and more in command of how I feel. My body no longer feels cramped, more invigorating.”

When I applied the frontal lift, he laughed out loud.

Later that day his mom called and said he feels more grounded and the crazy voices in his head are leaving. She said that he's never expressed this before.

Session 3: October 1 

“I almost felt sleepy after I got up. No need for sleep now. Ready to take on each new day with a sense of who I am and where I am going. Feel relaxed, no tension or anger. Loved (hearing) piano playing after I woke up.”

When he got up after the session, he felt dizzy and briefly did not know where he was.

Session 4: October 13 

“I feel fresh. I remember what happened before but realize what must be done. Body feels relaxed, not damaged or worn-out. No longer I feel so crazy (angry, sad, happy) and hope for things to go for the best.”

Session 5: October 27

“Felt very relaxed. Little or no negative images or feelings. Felt sleepy afterwards and at the same time, ready to help myself and loved ones.”

He felt intense emotions yesterday.

Session 6: May 7

“I felt at peace, serene, felt cold. Even fell asleep because I felt so good. Haven't done this in a long time and would love to do it again.”
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