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Service Guidelines  

Feel free to contact Sooyong at if you have questions. The following service guidelines will be followed to ensure the safety of clients and service provider (Sooyong): 

  1. You will be asked

    • if you have had any changes to your general health; 

    • to confirm that you have had no exposure to or symptoms of COVID-19 when I email you an appointment reminder the day before your appointment; and

    • to “sign” an agreement acknowledging assumption of risk to COVID-19 (Your reply email will serve as your signature).

  2. You and I are required to wear face masks throughout the session, and I will also wear gloves. 

  3. The massage table, all pillows and the face cradle have waterproof protectors underneath, which will be cleaned between sessions.   

  4. If you want a cover, I will use a large towel or a doubled sheet, and they will be washed after every session. 

  5. The air purifier will be on in the treatment room. 

  6. Surfaces in the massage room will be wiped down between client appointments, unless you're in the same family as others in the session. 

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